Overview of Hospital and Clinic Management Software

1. Introduction

Nowadays, Management Software is no longer strange to Hospitals. Managing patient’s record and electronic record, patient billing, medical insurance, hospital finance, employee attendance record, in-patient, out-patient, hospital rooms and beds … are extremely necessary for a Hospital to have a professional management system to save time for diagnosis, getting results, reports and statistics,… this is reason why FLEX|Hospital is created.
2. Diagram of hospital management model

  • The components of the solution are in a unified system, from the data system to the building architecture.
  • Designed by Modules is easy to deloy application. It can be deloyed separate modules but ensure it operating well.
  • Due to this software uses 100% web application so just need deploy on server then using on client which installed IE, Firefox, Safari…
  • Therefore, it’s easy for installation and deployment.

Open system can be intergarated with other management subsystems such as: Salary – Human Resource Management, Sales management, accounting system (definition and communication depend on solution of production company and paties’ support)

3. Strong points of Sytem

3.1 High technology

  • FLEX|Hospital Solution is built on high technology. This software is developed in java so it can run on all of OS. This helps meet the diverse and compatible with all existing hardware of the customer, this is a very big advantage of the product.
  • Support Unicode UTF-8
  • The whole system uses AJAX so it runs not much different from the system which was developed on Windows Desktop Application.
  • The application of Ajax technology is to run fast and stable, the user doesn’t need wait long to load the entire web page as usual.
3.2 Rational organization
  • This is the solution for many levels of management, consistent with the size of medium and large hospitals, clinics. The division of an organization are determined rationally, divided into modules for easy organization development
  • Developed on the separate modules but it has an unified database system organization so it can meet not only the hospital but also pharmaceutical company or Pharmacy
3.3 Nice and friendly interface
  • The screen is designed simply, easy to input data.
3.4 Open and flexible features
FLEX|Hospital Solution provides many options in order to allow the user to customize the program in accordance with their mode of operation. Users can define details of modes such as revenues, expenditures, export, import, document type and the prefix of the bill.
3.5 High Heritability
To help the processor running faster, the solution is built by inheritance modules and automatic processing. Data and reports can be exported to different types of files, easily connect to other systems.
3.6 Multi-user
The system was designed and built to make optimal use of the computer network. With a powerful server, the system can support unlimited users and support hundreds of users simultaneously.
3.7 Software development
Software development is controlled by a process very closely. The features are used in solftware surveyed and studied carefully. Designing and programming functions are implemented synchronously based on the assignment and coordination between departments.
In addition, each of program’s features is tested quality strictly and meticulously before put it in use and to ensure the highest stability during the using time.
3.8 Technical Environment and Technical for Project
Programe language: java/struts/Ibatis framework.
Database: Mysql.
Server: linux OR window.
Development Tool: Eclipse

4. Useful of FLEX|Hospital, FLEX|CLinic

4.1 For Leadership:
  • Monitoring all activities of hospital, at working desk, real time, no need to wait for a report from the subordinate, data reported absolute precision and detail.
  • Monitoring remote hospital activities: with the internet system, managers can access to hospital server to inspect all data of all hospital activities such as: human resource, finance, clinical at any time.
  • Anti negative in hospital: finance and medicine information is entered exactly and manage with the process, reject all cheating and loss in hospital.
  •  Economize the papers, films: the internal information will be transfer in local network, Diminish the information on the papers. X-Ray film or medicine film will be saving in digital data so it’s very easy to copy and share.
  •  Medical evidence, Legal evidence: All data will be saving so the hospital managers excavate any shortcomings.
  • Statistics of Revenue: The manager can see the revenue report any where by using internet easily, the revenue report by day, month, the period day or any time.
  • Statistics of Health Insurance.
  • Statistics of doctor examined: Allow manager can follow timesheet of doctor at any time, can follow a doctor timesheet or many doctors at a time.
  • Report to Ministry of Public Health, Health Insurance, The specialized data will be statistics at any time to send to ministry of health managers, these data will be helpful for community management and disease management. The report template base on standard of Ministry of Public Health and health insurance.
4.2 For all Departments:
  • Save working time.
  • Information inheriting: no need to input data again if those informations were inputted by another one such as patient name, prescriptions…
  • Online consultation.
  • Remote diagnosis: the patient informations will be public on internet (apply for the doctors that have account at FLEX|Hospital), the doctors can see these informations and can diagnosis and examination.
4.3 For Doctor.
  • Doctor can find patient’s history quickly and easily before making a diagnostic result or treatment method.
  • IDC 10 Code is stipulated by Ministry of Health, Doctor doesn’t need remember 3000 IDC10 codes to make a diagnosis, just choose diagnosis then software automatically fill in IDC10 code as Ministry of Health’s provision.
  • Doctor writes out a prescription easier with electronic prescription system and by checking medicine allergy with patient’s history automatically.
  • Applying high technologies on hand-held equipment, internist can give out treatment method, medical instruction or medicine right patient’s bed.
  • Electronic record: access whole patient’s record from A to Z quickly.
  • See patient’s history of other departments quickly and conveniently at examination form.
  • See surgery schedule before make a surgery appointment..
4.4 For Nurse.
  • Reporting patient’ vital signs to Doctor quickly
  • Managing medicine closely.
  • Carrying out doctor’s medical instruction exactly.
  • Convenient in reporting medical instruction and patient care status.
  • Convenient in managing medicine, used medical equipment and other expenses.
  • Easy to manage and sum up medicine which doctor gave during the day to make a medicine request to medical stock..
3.5 For Patient:
  • Help patient follow up diagnostic result at home without spending much time for getting result.
  • Help patient save their diagnostic result without keeping hard copy as before.
  • When Patient examines and follow-up examination at hospital, they don’t need bring the previous test result.
  • Returning result quickly from other departments such as paraclinical is necessary. Patient doesn’t need go around getting paraclinical result. The result is informed to the attending Physician automatically and quickly as soon as having result.
4.6 Holding a consultation.
  • To hold an online consultation is very necessary at the internet era as well as using high technology such as ip camera that help doctor follow up and online diagnosis without spending time and money to come to hospital in case going abroad.
  • Applying high technology is also much useful for operations. Living coverage of operations help other doctor offer advises.
3.7 Paraclinical Wards.
  • Output automatically result from test machines or diagnosis pictures
  • Convenient in printing out and give result to patient.
  • Supporting collect results at one place that save patient’s time going around getting results.
4.8 Operating Theatre.
  • Managing operating rooms easily.
  • Follow up and make an operating schedule exactly.
  • Statistic patients before and after operation.
4.9 For Pharmacy.
  • Managing import, export, and in stock medicines easily.
  • Managing supplier debt.
  • Managing turnover of pharmacies and inpatient/outpatient department.

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